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What happens if I don’t renew my domain in time?

Last Updated: Nov 09, 2013 02:59AM EST
All the domains registered with DomainName have the Auto Renewal option enabled by default. If you have credit card details stored at your account, the domain will be renewed automatically.
But there may be cases when you do not need your domain any more and do not wish to renew it. If your domain has not expired yet you should disable the AutoRenewal option for it. In order to do that, please:
-  Log into your account with us;
-  Go to Domains > My Domains;
-  Select the domain and press the Manage Domain button next to it;
-  Go to the Auto Renew tab;
-  Click on Disable Auto Renew.
After the expiration date a domain which has not been renewed is automatically pointed to DomainName nameservers NS1.RENEWYOURDOMAIN.AT.DOMAINNAME.COM and NS2.RENEWYOURDOMAIN.AT.DOMAINNAME.COM. Your website will stop working and instead the visitors will see DomainName default parking page. The domain is placed into the co-called renew grace period. It lasts for 30-42 days.

 Expired domain automatically switched to the following nameservers NS1.RENEWYOURDOMAIN.AT.DOMAINNAME.COM and NS2.RENEWYOURDOMAIN.AT.DOMAINNAME.COM.
Important: in public WHOIS Lookup database at this time the incorrect expiration date may be displayed (the expiration date of your domain + 1 year). May this fact not confuse you. Please check the expiration date at your DomainName account.
You can renew your domain at regular price during this period. In order to do this, please:
- Log into your account;
- Click on Domains > My Domains;
- Click on the Manage Domain button;
- Click Renew Domain;
- Select the number of years and click Order Now;
- Proceed with the payment.
After the renew grace period passes the domain falls into redemption period which lasts for 30 days. The domain does not resolve to any website. In public WHOIS database such domain has status “redemptionPeriod”.

 If expired domain is not renewed it is moved to redemption period for 30 days.

But there is one peculiarity. If you would like to renew your domain at this stage you will need to pay the redemption fee $200 plus regular renewal fee. Unfortunately there is no option to renew your domain from the redemption period at your DomainName account. Please contact our support with this request.

When the redemption period passes the domain is moved to the next stage – deletion. In public WHOIS database such domain has the status “pendingDelete”.
 After 30 days in redemption period expired domain is moved to Pending Delete stage.

At this stage the domain cannot be renewed or restored. The deletion lasts for 5 days and after that the domain is deleted from the Registry’s database and becomes available for registration again. To retrieve your domain at this stage you can backorder it with any backordering company of your choice, like SnapNames.com

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