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Last Updated: Dec 27, 2013 01:45AM EST

Once your account is activated and you received a Welcome email with your account settings from us, please make sure that nameservers have been changed for hns1.domainname.com and hns2.domainname.com for your domain. If they haven't, you need to do it manually, please refer to the How to change nameservers article for instructions.

Once nameservers are changed, you can start uploading your site’s content. Please note that there is DNS propagation period. During this time (24-72 hours usually) your site can be inaccessible through browser.

However if you wish to test your content during the propagation period you can do the following:

Edit “hosts” file on your computer, it is usually located in \\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc directory and can be opened by notepad. You will need to add the following line to it:

Server_Ip_address domain.name

If you wish to check domain both with www and without it you will need to add:

Server_Ip_address domain.name www.domain.name

Where Server_Ip_address is IP address of the servers where your account is hosted (it can be found in your cPanel and hosting welcome email), domain.name – is the domain name you wish to host with and which content you wish to check.

Note: If you are not admin on your machine, you will not be able to edit hosts and there will be no way to check site functionality during the propagation period. You can use the following link of this format to upload your content: http://server_ip/cpanel
(please replace "server_ip" with IP address)

In order to upload and manage your files you can make use of:

• File Manager in your cPanel.

• FTP client. For FTP client the following records should be used:

server address: server_IP, server_hostname or yourdomain.name

username: cPanel_username@server_IP, cPanel_username@server_hostname or cPanel_username@yourdomain.name

password: cPanel_password

mode: passive

• Web-based FTP client. You may use ftp://username:password@server’s_IP for browser and manage your files this way.

Below you can find detailed information concerning 2 main directories:

/home/your_cPanel_username/ - This is your home directory. All of your files are stored within this directory. Files placed directly in this directory will not be visible on the internet. You will start out in your home when you are connected by FTP.

/home/your_cPanel_username/public_html/ - The public_html directory contains the files for your site. Files in public_html will be visible to public in the internet. Please make sure you have index page in your public_html directory. When creating your index page, you should use one of the following names: index.htm, index.html, index.php, etc.


Please feel free to contact our support if you need any assistance. You can submit a ticket to our support representatives or communicate with our support.

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